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Are you searching for a home in Jackson, CA?

Whether you are an investor or a first-time buyer, everybody wants to spend money on the property of their dreams. However, buying a house is not easy; even worse is when pictures are far from reality.

Finding a real estate agent in Jackson, CA, will make the search easy for you. You want an agent that is not only familiar with the area but also committed to finding you a house that meets all your needs and requirements.

But why should you buy a house in Jackson, CA? Keep reading for more detailed information to help you make a wise decision.

Jackson Housing Market

The Jackson housing market is competitive, and some homes receive many buying offers.

Last month, the selling price for a house in Jackson was about $150K, an 11.8% drop from last year. More specifically, a square foot goes for $87 in Jackson, a zero increase since last year.

It’s also important to note that houses in Jackson take a maximum of 20 days to sell compared to 76 days last year. In August only, agents and homeowners sold about 99 homes, an increase from the 81 houses last year.

You’ll find that average homes sell for a loss of 4% below market price and take around 18 days. But, hot homes sell at a 1% profit above the market price and only take 5 days.

Generally, it depends on the type of house you are looking for and the Jackson, CA, real estate agent you’re working with.

Property Types in Jackson, CA

There are several property types in Jackson, where most are mortgaged or owned. You’ll find several apartments, condos, townhouses, office buildings, and retail properties.

When looking for any property type from a comprehensive listing, sort out the options by size, price, location, and design.

Popular Zip Codes and Neighborhoods

Popular places to visit in Jackson include;

  • Amador Pine Grove Farmers’ Market- CA 95665
  • Amador Sutter Creek Farmers’ Market- CA 95685
  • Castle Oaks- CA 95640
  • Fountain Plaza Owners’ Association- CA 93230
  • Lost Oak Place Condominium Owners Association- CA 95683

These neighborhoods are common in Jackson, CA. This way, your stay is not lonely and isolated when you decide to move.

Benefits of Living in Jackson, CA

The cost of living is the first thing to consider in any new area. Jackson, CA, has an above-average cost of living, making it livable for many people.

Also, it’s a great small town with a minimal crime rate. This makes it ideal for bringing up a family in this town. Still, it’s close to most shopping areas, schools, and workplaces. Thanks to the California Mountains, the air in Jackson is clean.

Schools in Jackson, CA

Jackson has both public and private schools. The highest percentage is for high school graduates over 25 years.

From age 3 to 17, many children are in public schools.

The common schools in Jackson have mailing addresses. Also, Jackson, CA, has many people attending college, especially from nearby and far locations.

Weather in Jackson, CA

Jackson receives hot, arid, and regularly clear summers, while winters are chilly, wet, and somewhat cloudy. The temperatures usually vary from 40°F to 91°F but hardly drop below 32°F or rise past 99°F.

For tourists, the best time to visit Jackson is during the warm weather, from mid-June to the end of September.

Community in Jackson, CA

The community in Jackson experiences a light suburban feel, with most people owning homes.

Also, there are many coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. A majority of young professionals and retirees live an old-fashioned life. The best part is that the crime rate is minimal, making Jackson a safe place to live.

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