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What the Galt, CA Real Estate Market Currently Looks Like

The first step to buying or selling a home is to meet with a Realtor® that can educate you on your different options and what homes are selling for in the area you’re looking in.

For Galt, Real estate is currently booming! Currently the average price of houses in Galt is $497,628 and the average rental rate in the city is $1,856 for a 3 bedroom. The estimated homeowner vacancy rate (meaning the percentage of homes for sale) is 1% and the rental vacancy rate (amount of apartments or other places to rent) is 2.5%. What does that mean for you? It means that there are a limited number of homes on the market so you want someone in your corner that can notify you right when new homes pop onto the market and who can lock down a good deal on the home you want. Roenspie + Johnson Real Estate is here to fulfill that role for you.

Since Galt real estate is highly competitive right now you’ll want an agent that can help you navigate the real estate arena. Because there is such interest in buying homes in Galt, listed homes are getting multiple offers. On average, houses in Galt are selling for approximately 3% more than the listing price. In some cases, it may even sell for up to 6% higher than the listing price. Right now the average price per square foot for Galt homes is $310. This means that the price has increased 25.2% since last year.

The Pandemic negatively affected housing activity when it first began in 2020, but housing markets are now experiencing notable growth in home sales, especially in certain areas of California such as Sacramento County.

Graph of the median sale price in Galt, CA

What Types of Homes Are Available in Galt, CA

At present, there is a mix of old and new homes for sale in the Galt area. A good number of the available homes are single family residences with 1-2 story floor plans with varying square footage. These homes typically have 3-4 bedrooms. In relation to this, there are usually around one to three bathrooms per house.

While you can find a great home in Galt, don’t miss out on one of the greatest benefits of living in rural Galt: owning land!

What are the Benefits of Living in Galt, CA

Galt is known as the Great American Little Town by its residents and it lives up to its name. Even though Galt is growing, it still very much has a small town feel to it. It’s still a place where you can run into your neighbors at the grocery store and good ‘ole high school sports rivalries are the talk of the town.

Despite being situated close to the fast-paced sprawling metropolis of Sacramento, Galt still remains a rural oasis. It’s ideally situated, not far for people who work in the Bay Area, but enjoy living in a small town. Galt is a short commute to downtown Sacramento or Stockton. If you’re not convinced yet, here are some additional reasons that you should consider making Galt your home:

  • Galt is only nine miles from Lodi’s 85+ wineries (and you know what that means…wine tasting!)
  • Galt residents also put on exciting special events like the Winter bird Festival, Lighting of the Night, The Strawberry Festival and a memorable Independence Day celebration.
  • You can also spend an evening out at Brewsters Bar & Grill, Barsetti Vineyards or Valensin Vineyard & Winery.

These are just some of the benefits of living in Galt, CA. The combination of recreational choices, community activities, educational opportunities, and public services makes Galt an attractive place to live. Look into Galt realty today!

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