Land for Sale in Wilton, CA

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Explore Wilton

Just outside Sacramento and Elk Grove, Wilton provides residents a rural atmosphere with easy access to the city’s amenities. Wilton is a small town with excellent public schools, riding trails, and offers the chance to live in the country while being close to city life.

Wilton is located in Sacramento County, California. Based on GeoData Plus, there are hundreds of  residential sales in Wilton a year.

●      Average value per acre: According to the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the average value of an acre of Sacramento County land used for single-family housing has increased significantly and as land becomes more scarce those prices will likely continue to increase in years to come. So buying land now vs. later could save you money in the long run.

●      California withholds 3 1/3% of the gross sale price: Keep in mind that California withholds the prepayment of taxes from real estate transactions conducted with non-residents and that the buyer is responsible for any tax that has been withheld.

●      The buyer pays for the title insurance in California: In Northern California, it’s been the norm for the buyer to pay the title insurance premium or, less frequently, split the cost among both buyers and sellers.

Types of Land

There are many different types of land for sale in Wilton, CA:

●      Farmland: In most cases, farmland comes with several acres, structures, and utilities. If the farm is up and operating, you might be looking at a turnkey property that will provide you with long-term revenue.

●      Ranch: Ranches are primarily concerned with animals, while farms are focused on crops. Wilton is an excellent place to have a ranch if that’s the type of property your’e looking for.

●      Acreage: This piece of ground has not been built on yet. In essence, you’re looking at buying a vacant plot of dirt that hasn’t been cleared. It will take an additional investment of work and/or money to utilize it the way you’d like, but this type of land is a blank canvas that you can shape to be whatever you want.

●      Commercial: These properties are already in commercial zoning areas, so they can be built quickly which is ideal if you want to develop a commercial facility.

●      Recreational: These pieces of property are frequently zoned as Seasonal Residential, which means you won’t be able to construct a permanent home on them without rezoning.

How To Find the Land for Sale

Now that you’ve decided to buy Wilton land for sale, it’s time to look at your alternatives. Here are a few options:

●      Directly from the owner: It’s not unusual to locate the property for sale by the owner. Buying from the owner with the cash on hand can make the process quicker if you have the cash on hand. However, it is critical to understand what paperwork is necessary and how transferring land works legally. If you hire a Roenspie and Johnson real estate agent they’ll take the headache out of the paperwork and help you to quickly finish the transaction.

●      Auctions: Another method to acquire property is to purchase it at a government or private land auction. You may get a bargain on real estate through an auction, but they are often not a reliable means to acquire property.

●      Online: It’s simpler than ever to get land online today. While doing your homework is critical, purchasing real estate online is usually the most cost-effective alternative. Peruse our site to see ALL of the current Wilton land listings on the market.

●      Real Estate Agencies: Roenspie and Johnson’s real estate agents are super familiar with the land in Wilton and the surrounding areas. They’ll help you to track down a property that meets your expectations. Additionally, they’ll ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed correctly when it’s time to finalize the transaction.

Buying Land Through an Agent

Many individuals are okay with the idea of purchasing land through a real estate agent. The land is a major purchase and requires consideration. That’s why it is essential to work with the right real estate company like Roenspie and Johnson. We live nearby and know the area very well.

Before you even start looking for land for sale in Wilton, CA, take the time to determine what type and how you’ll purchase the land. If you’re considering moving to this area or want to buy a piece of land here, contact us today!

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