Homes For Sale in Lockeford, CA

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Homes for Sale in Lockeford, CA

At Reonspie + Johnson Real Estate, our goal is to find you your next dream home. Our team of local Realtors® are experts in Lockeford, CA, real estate. We live and work in the local community. Let our expertise guide you as you explore Lockeford, CA homes for sale to find a property you’ll love.

Lockeford Housing Market

When buying a home, partnering with a Realtor® gives you access to critical insights. Currently, the Lockeford, CA, real estate market is booming. The average home sale price sits near $520,000, representing an 18.2 percent increase year-over-year. For rentals, the average monthly price is closer to $1,390. In both cases, that’s far below the state average.

The average homeowner vacancy rate (which represents houses for sale compared to the total number of properties) of just 0.9 percent. The rental vacancy rate in California is also a low 4.3 percent, which is below the national average. What does that mean for buyers? Generally, there aren’t many available properties on the market in Lockeford, CA, which makes partnering with a local Realtor® essential.

Roenspie + Johnson can immediately notify you of new Lockeford, CA homes for sale. Plus, the Roenspie + Johnson team can help you get the best possible deal on Lockeford, CA, real estate.

Property Types in Lockeford, CA

Currently, a solid mix of property types in the Lockeford, CA, real estate market is available for purchase. Along with older homes, you’ll find newer houses for sale in Lockeford today. Additionally, there are one- and two-story options, with square footage varying by listing.

Most Lockeford, CA homes for sale have 3-4 bedrooms. You’ll also find some quaint 2-bedroom options and spacious 5+ bedroom houses. Depending on the number of bedrooms, you’ll typically see 1-3 bathrooms, though some may have 4+ bathrooms.

For more insights into what’s presently available, see listings today.

Popular Zip Codes and Neighborhoods

Lockeford, CA, is a smaller, rural town in San Joaquin County. It has two primary zip codes: 95237 and 95240.

Some of the more popular neighborhoods in Lockeford, CA, include:

  • Bear Creek
  • Bluffs
  • Lambert
  • Lockeford Ranch

Benefits of Living in Lockeford, CA

Lockeford is a quaint, rustic rural town in San Joaquin County. The countryside around Lockeford is breathtaking, featuring sprawling vineyards and orchards with horse ranches dotting the area. Plus, it’s home to a championship-style golf course, making it a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys hitting the links.

Lockeford is also conveniently located. It’s just 50 miles south of Sacramento, 45 miles north of Modesto, and 90 miles east of Oakland, making it easy to head into the city when needed.

Here are some other standout points:

And that’s just some of the benefits of living in Lockeford, CA.

Schools in Lockeford, CA

Lockeford, CA, is part of the Lodi Unified School District, and students in the area attend classes at one of the two K-12 schools, including:

  • Lockeford Elementary
  • Lodi High School

Since the town is smaller, Lockeford Elementary is K-8. Lodi High School is located in the neighboring town of Lodi – which is approximately eight miles away – and covers grades 9-12.

Weather in Lockeford, CA

Lockeford has long, hot, dry summers and short, cool, wet winters, not unlike many other areas in Northern California. With highs of 94 in July and lows of only 40 in December, Lockeford is perfect for those who love the sun.

Community in Lockeford, CA

Lockeford, CA, is a smaller community with a population near 3,353. As a result, it maintains a small-town feel, and neighbors often do their part to care for one another. The area is popular with families, making it a solid choice for households with children.

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