Homes For Sale in Valley Springs, CA

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Homes for Sale in Valley Springs, CA

Valley Springs, situated in Calaveras County, California, United States, is home to beautiful reservoirs, pristine lakes, and golf courses. It has over 3800 total population with residents who are mostly homeowners. You can be one too! If you are looking to move to Valley Springs, here is a guide to help you make your decision. 

Valley Springs Housing Market

The supply and demand for houses in Valley Springs are competitive because of how quickly homes are sold. In the last year, sales price has increased by over 2.1%, and as of August 2022, the average sales price in Valley Springs has increased to $502,400, which is 6.8% more than it used to be two years ago. The average rental rate has also increased to $1800-$2100 (depending on the area) for a 3-bedroom apartment. Yet, this drastic increase in price has not stopped houses from selling in less than 68 days after they are listed.

What does this mean for you?

Just because homes are selling fast in Valley Springs does not mean there is no place for you. There are homes and properties available in Valley Springs, and if you find a realtor who is good at their job, you can get your dream home in Valley Springs. But this also means that if you plan to get a home in Valley Springs, you should not delay in your decision given the statistics of sales price increases over the years.

Property Types in Valley Springs, CA

You will find a wide variety of single-family residential properties in Valley Springs, CA. Properties from ranchettes and country homes to detached, custom, and luxury apartments. Some of these properties are two houses in lots ranging from 2 beds and one bath to 4 beds and four baths. Valley Springs is your ideal place if you’re also searching for unimproved lands or land lots. There are more family-friendly properties in Valley Springs which will be a great place for you if you’re planning to settle down with your family. See listings.

Popular Zip Codes and Neighborhoods

The popular zip codes in Valley Springs are 95762, 95742, 95624, 95757, 95252, 95632, 95240, 95336, 95361, and 95682. Here are the popular neighborhoods in Valley Springs and some of the best places to live in Valley Springs: Burson, Weston Ranch, Wallace, Milton, Anatolia Village, San Andreas, Seaport, Valley Oak, Clements, and Brookside.

Benefits of Living in Valley Springs, CA

Living in a new city can be a big decision, especially if you want to settle with your family. Here are the benefits of living in Valley Springs to help you in your decision. 

Schools in Valley Springs, CA

Education in Valley springs has a higher rating compared to other cities in the state. The schools have highly qualified and well-paid teachers, good learning facilities like laboratories, fully-stocked libraries, and computer equipment.

The community and the government of Valley Springs are highly invested in education, which reflects in the schools. There are diverse teaching curriculums and extracurricular activities available to students and a safe learning environment.

This results in a high rate of high school graduation and college enrollment in the city.

Weather in Valley Springs, CA

The weather and climate condition in valley springs is stable and livable. During summer, the weather is warm and clear, and during winter, the weather is cold and partly cloudy. 

Summer lasts for 3-4 months (June – September) with a daily high temperature of 93°F and a low temperature of 64°F. Winter lasts for three months (November – February), with a daily low temperature of 41°F and a high temperature of 55°F.

Community in Valley Springs, CA

Valley Springs gives a small-town feel. It has a low population of mostly middle-aged adults of, 54.32% males and 45.68% females. The community is a close-knitted and peaceful one.

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